Jul. 30th, 2016

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Unfortunately, I will not be moving forward with my previously announced Queer and Trans Storytelling Workshop at Liminal (a feminist writing space in Oakland).

I am going to explain why, because I think that folks in trans communities in the Bay Area may find the information helpful.

The contract I was provided by Liminal misgendered me, despite the fact that Liminal knows the correct pronouns to use. I stated that I would not sign a contract that misgendered me, and stated that it felt disrespectful to receive one.  Liminal did not take my concern seriously, nor address it in an appropriate or respectful manner, and did not provide a corrected version of the contract.

I have concluded that this space is not a good fit for me as a trans educator, or for a workshop on queer and trans storytelling. I will not be teaching it at Liminal.

Sincere thanks to everyone who was excited about the workshop and helped to promote it. I hope to find a way to teach the workshop soon, either online or somewhere else in the Bay Area.

I have retitled it Trans and Queer Storytelling.


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